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Moda has the experience and technology to assist in synthetic organic projects. We synthesize your compounds at your request or supplies high-quality products.
  Custom organic synthesis
The customer provides literature methods or their own synthesis route. All details, such as reaction times, solvents, temperatures, analytical data, purification methods, yields, should be included. If you don’t have any technical information about the product, we can give an estimate after we carefully check it.

We will evaluate synthesis and determine if undertake the project. If so, we will provide an estimate of cost and lead time. Due to the unpredictable nature of synthetic chemistry, we’ll try our best to finish the project. moda can’t guarantee that the product will be provided, but our success rate can be reached to 95%, it’s more than likely that we can.

At moda’s facilities, highly skilled chemists routinely carry out syntheses of complex intermediates and final products. There is a wide range of chemical transformations in a broad variety of compound classes in their repertoire. We can synthesize all small molecule products as per our customers’demands. Such as pyridine, indole, quinoline, thiazole, pyrazine products. Synthesis capabilities span from small-scale through kilo quantities, We offer our process development capabilities to further the goals of our partners’preclinical projects.
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